established since 2008, the early ideas by Ardi and Bhenk starting from just playing the same music and then continues to the making of the Band is named Garispolos. Garispolos motivated to created and present their own theme song. Now, Garispolos already have some material of songs and ready for the track record. Individual personnel of Garispolos already have experience of each play in either the individual or band.
Personnel Garispolos consists of : Ardi (guitar), Justi (bass), Julian (keyboard), and Bhenk (drums). We hope that Garispolos Band always can be exist in the world of music and always create a good songs that ultimately we can enjoy together.
Please give your input for the progress of Garispolos Band, and thanks to all who have provided comments and suggestions.



June, 3 2009

Beautiful Moon

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May, 28 2009

May, 22 2009

Latest video Mr. Big

This is the latest video clips Mr. Big back who has been with the initial formation. Stay put on Billy Sheehan duet Tapping - Paul Gilbert as the era of Addicted To That Rush, color music that still has red yarn Stay Together, and with the Green-Tinted Sixties Mind.

Link video Next Time Around :

April, 10 2009

Editors Beat Media Group in cooperation with the provider, the service-RBT service, management, artist management, event organizer and labels in Jakarta, offering a promotion program for your band.

More detailed info please contact:
Mr. Jimmy
Staff Band Promo Beat Media Group
February, 11 2009

Shine Management presents Compilation Album Pop Distortion contains 17 Pop Band, launched in March 2009 in Emax Kemang. Currently still in the process. Band on the Compilation Album Pop Distortion consisting of: Knob, Angel Squad, Interactive Clearly, D'gabfest, The Clique Circle, 4th Evenue, Emilia & Emilo, Vernesia, Hoshi 5, D'mellow, Hama, Speedpop, Garispolos and others.

January, 20 2009

Garispolos song titled Cinta Sesaat at this time can be downloaded at please give us comments. Thank you for all that you have to give suggestions for improvement Garispolos. GBU.

April, 12 2009

Garispolos song titled Kembalilah at this time can be heard at
but until now has not been in Mixing. Please comment it.

April, 20 2009

Garispolos song titled Jangan Pergi at this time can be heard at
but until now has not been in Mixing. Please comment it.

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